Vegan Doc Martens Have Arrived

A while back ago I wrote a post about what appeared to be floral vegan doc martens. Since the uppers were fabric and the sole rubber I unfortunately assumed. A kind commenter informed me of my error and others kindly informed me that they had contacted doc martens customer service and been told about an upcoming vegan line.

Well, it’s here.

Though it is only four styles, high and low, in red and black, this is a most promising and happy development, for animal loving doc marten fans.

They call it the Vegan 1460. Find them here:

VEGAN 1460

VEGAN 1460

Vegan 1461

VEGAN 1461

VEGAN 1461


I think I prefer the black boot version. Which do you prefer?

Now for a fashion inspiration board:

What do Doc Martens make you think of?

The thing that comes to my mind is My So Called Life and 90s grunge style. Digging deeper I find that the shoes are THE shoe for both grunge style and punk style, popularized by Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and also The Who, The Clash and The Sex Pistols.

Here is a good blog post about doc martens to learn more.

kurt cobain

Matt Dillion in Singles

Angela Chase in My So Called Life

pete townshend

Pete Townshend of The Who

Sid Vicious of The Sex Pistols

Alexa Chung interviewing the villainous Olivia Palermo


Questions, Comments….


Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Vegan Doc Martens Have Arrived

  1. Great pictures! I’d like to handle these in person, see how they look up close…. I used to have leather Docs, and I wore them for years. Here’s hoping the vegan version are top-quality, too.

    • I read on another blog that people have been saying these are the best vegan shoes they’ve ever owned and are of top quality. just hearsay on the net of course, but i think i am really going to get these. glad doc martens are getting back to their roots –they used to have a huge vegan line.

    • oh thanks. I actually noticed I couldn’t see him wearing docs in any of the google images I was finding, but I read that elsewhere….Thanks for the comment and tip! I will need to correct that.

  2. I really wanted those floral Docs! They should do a floral line in vegan. Would buy a pair in a heartbeat. However, even though they are still Docs, I do wonder about the quality of their vegan line i.e., if they can at least almost compare to the comfort and durability of their leather line.

    • they definitely should. when will these companies get that vegans would buy! I love floral shoes. i bought a pair of the vegan docs…low cut style. but they cut into the back of my heel really badly. not sure if it is just me. at first i loved them, but now i have to fix this problem before i can wear them again. thanks for the comment! come back soon!!

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