Review of Animal Camp: Reflections on a Decade of Love, Hope, and Veganism at Catskill Animal Sanctuary

I flew through the book Animal Camp yesterday, essays about Catskill Animal Sanctuary by its founder Kathy Stevens.

Its effects lingered on all day.

I couldn’t really tell what the feeling it left me with was.

It was a mix of confusion, wonder, disbelief and thinking about my two dogs I once lived with.

I felt confused all day.

It was like I had just read Charlotte’s Web. All the animals at The Catskill Animal Farm Sanctuary, like Old Rambo the sheep, who protected the farm and all the animals, and Franklin the pig, who laughed with the volunteers and liked to sit on a hill and watch the sunrise every morning, had such storybook personalities. They even communicated with Kathy all the time, telling her what they wanted, thanking her, and sharing their joys and sorrows with her.

It was like the animals at her farm could talk.

But animals can’t talk though… right?

I thought about my dogs all day yesterday. I had two dogs growing up.

I thought about their personalities.

How unlike humans they were in their understanding of nature, how they could smell the tracks of an animal in the grass, how they could sniff the wind out of a car window and understand so much about what was passing, how they could run so fast and jump and turn on a dime, also how pure and affectionate they were, loving and befriending me for some reason, like they could just sense who loved them the most.

Also I was thinking about how like humans they were. My dog Rolfy especially had a very human personality. He was very proud and haughty. He had a lot of self respect. He demanded to be treated like an equal. Sometimes I had the uncanny feeling of forgetting he was a dog and seeing him, like how in a dream a person can be two things, as a human.

What was that? That relationship I had with two DOGS.

That was love. Real love. And real friendship.

All day it brought tears to me eyes thinking about my two dogs. Though I intensely loved my dogs and never considered them “just” dogs, I think I did later discount their love in my life. Even though I truly loved them with all my heart, they weren’t human.

It doesn’t matter.

Humans and non humans can communicate and can share real love and friendship together.

One thing Kathy Stevens says often in her book is we are all more alike than different.

Just like we do, animals befriend each other more by personality than what they look like. Those interspecies friendships that are so adorable? Quite commonplace. Animals befriend who they get along the best with, no matter the species.

We are all more alike than different.

Honestly this is a hard thing to think about.

I never really understood this till now, that once you get to know animals, whether they are chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, horses…they are all just as human and amazing as your dog or cat… they each have a distinct incredible personality.

I don’t want to think about this.

There is one part of the book where Kathy passes a pig transport truck after she has had her sanctuary for a while and knows all her animals as friends. A pig looks at her through the holes in the truck and she starts a wail…and can’t stop.

I imagined seeing the eye of my beloved dog in there.

All animals  have personalities that are more like us than not like us.

I need to go to an animal sanctuary.

Animal Camp is a beautiful peaceful storybook book, and one that will grow on you and keep you thinking about it…

It is almost like a fairy tale, but a vey dark fairytale with a happy ending.

You know how the story goes only a virgin pure of heart could summon a unicorn. They would send out this beautiful girl into a meadow and a unicorn would come out attracted by her kindness and gentleness. Then the hunters would leap out of hiding and kill the unicorn.

There are still the maidens out there and there are still the hunters out there.

Highly recommend this book.

Why We Shouldn’t Celebrate the Connection Between Farming and Eating

I visited the beautiful Blue Hill Farm at Stone Barns restaurant the other day with my family for my sister’s birthday for a picnic.

I have been to this restaurant once before as a vegetarian. It was maybe the most amazing dinner I’d ever had.

The food was so creative and whimisically magical.

For example, this was an appetizer.

The restaurant and grounds were an old Rockefeller house that has been converted into a farm and restaurant.

However I knew this farm was not a sanctuary. I knew they had animals there which they killed.

As we drove up and I saw a cow grazing in a fenced-in field…

And I saw a sign that said something like Welcome to Blue Hill at Stone Farms or something…

I honestly had a vision of this:

The entrance to a concentration camp.

Funny. I used to love farms.

I wikipediaed and found this famous sign means “Labor Makes You Free” and was the sign at the entrance to a number of concentration camps most notably Auschwitz.  I noted this to my family and they laughed, not having Seen The Ghosts yet (read my post from yesterday about what it means to see the ghosts)

Labor Makes You Free…. what a chilling and haunting statement. Brilliant really, in how twisted it is.

At the farm, I did some investigating. I read their plaques and their descriptions about the philosophy of the farm.

At first glance their philosophy of celebrating “year round farm to table agriculture” and promoting the “connection between farming and eating” sounds lovely, doesn’t it.

I’m sure back in the day I would have skimmed over this assuming I loved the message. After all, it was on a farm! There are animals! Nature!

In fact, my junior year in high school I even spent a semester ON A FARM exactly like this one that had this same mission.

A working farm. Everything they ate came from the farm. Including the turkeys I was in charge of taking care of. The pigs, the cows, the chickens, who all added such beauty to the farm, were all raised for meat. They sent them away to slaughter when we were all away on our “solo”, a 3 day spiritual journey we spent alone camping in the woods. How convenient.

The Mountain School, where I did a semester program my junior year

Luckily, now my thinking has changed.

I see things more clearly now.

It is messed up to celebrate and promote the connection between farming and eating….

Ok fine, I am all for celebrating the connection between plants and eating.

But animals are not plants.

We walked around the grounds and saw the pigs.

They make it seem like the animals have a wonderful life. I read a plaque saying that the pigs are “raised in the woods until they are 4 months old when they are brought back onto the farm for finishing, “farm speak” for fattening.”

I saw the pigs in the woods…they were raised in a small electric fenced wired enclosure in the woods. Though they were raised “in the woods” so to speak, they did not have free reign of the woods.

A far cry from The Pig Preserve that I learned about through Anita Krajnc’s pig sanctuary tour, where they allow pigs free reign of a large piece of rural undeveloped property they bought.

As I walked through the beautiful, gorgeous trails in the woods around the estate, I was disturbed and quiet thinking of the pigs who would have loved to root around this forest, freely.

We approached a pond, and there were two ducks with a little gosling. I said out loud to my sisters how unfair it was that these little guys were free, while the pigs were not. Why love one, but eat the other, the signs say. My sisters all laughed.

Even to myself my views seem to have become a bit extreme. Comparing a farm to a concentration camp?

I think the connection though that I have made recently and that my friends and family have not made though is this:

I saw a slaughter. I saw the whole thing happen.

Even if the pigs do have a relatively nice life in their enclosure in the woods, which reminded me of a small cage at a zoo, when the day comes when they get slaughtered…they will die a tragic death.

I watch 48 hours all the time. Can’t stop watching it. It’s always about murders. It is always haunting. That’s how all pigs die!

Every animal I saw in a fenced off enclosure…I felt bad that I was free and they weren’t. They don’t deserve this. 4 month old pigs don’t deserve this kind of life.

My sisters said “they have a great life here!”

So what? If your whole life is a lie, because you are raised as a slave to be murdered by someone one day…

It reminds me of the book Never Let Me Go, which I have never read but I know is about a school of kids raised to be organ donors for their clones in the outside world when they reach 18.

Messed up! But this is exactly what we do to animals.

The bookstore had all these cookbooks glorifying butchery.

Think about the word people!

Have you ever heard about The Butcher of Auschwitz? Also known as the Angel of Death.

another butcher played by Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s list. I heard that one survivor who was invited to the set of Schindler’s List started shaking unctrollably when she saw him because he looked so much like the real guy.

Why do we celebrate books called like, Butcher?

I think Anita Krajnc is totally right…

Do you want to See The Ghosts?

You need to bear witness. Watch slaughterhouse transport and footage…check out Toronto Pig Save’s youtube channel.

And is it any better if they are butchered with a knife on a beautiful farm with an amazing restaurant like Blue Hill? No.

Although Blue Hill thinks it is.

Don’t be tricked by the whole LOCAL organic thing.

So it was locally murdered. Who cares. So it was fed organic vegan food. Who cares.

The fact is they are not free. They do not have the rights to their own life. They are slaughtered as babies. And they FEEL and SEE it coming. Then they are murdered.

Intense, no?

What do you guys think? Are you on board or are you more moderate?

Do You See the Ghosts?

Do you see the ghosts?

Hello everyone,

Have you seen that video going around of a 2 year old boy who is being fed Octopus gnochhi by his mother when all of a sudden he has the realization that he is eating a dead animal that was killed for his food.

It is really an awesome video. At the end, the mom starts crying, and like a Hans Christian Anderson story, the little boy asks, “Mother, why are you crying?” and she says “Because you move me”.

It reminds me of the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The kids can see what everyone else is numbed to. The 2 year old knows that we should protect animals and not chop them down and eat them, but most people just accept it.

I saw The Ghosts in Our Machine repost the link on their facebook page saying, “Luiz [the little boy] sees the ghosts. Do you?”

I love that. The whole meaning of ghosts in the machine is that there is this huge industrial machine…these big slaughterhouses with conveyer belt slaughtering systems but inside are living beings….souls…that are lost in the machine. A soul in the body that is used for meat.

I love how they said “do you see the ghosts?”

That is genius. Do you see the ghosts?

Do you see the dignity and personhood of each animal, no matter how different they are from you.

I feel this is what all of Jo-Anne McArthur’s photographs show so beautifully. They show that a shark in an aquarium tank isn’t just a fish happy to swim in its tank and a fun outing with the vegan boyfriend, but a LIFE with a family and a desire for freedom. A shark shouldn’t be cooped up against it’s will in a tank. It’s not “just” a shark, it’s a being with it’s own right to freedom.

But you’ll never understand this, unless you somehow manage to see the ghosts.

I believe the way I came to “see the ghosts” is by bearing witness as explained by Anita Krajnc and watching the youtube videos of pig slaughterhouses and pig transport trucks from Toronto Pig Save.

Do you see the ghosts?

When you look at an animal, do you just see something you can’t relate to….or do you see the “someone” inside.

Do you see the ghosts?

Brilliant, right??

Can’t wait to see Ghosts in Our Machine.

How a Vegan Diet Cured My Cramps

I am back from my trip to Hawaii.

In one word…

I am so happy!!

It was amazing.

I could go on and on about it, but instead I wanted to let you guys know something else.

I have had no CRAMPS for the past 2 months.

OK, cramps people…you know what I am talking about!

This is an amazing occurrence for me…as I have always had…well for at least 10 ish years…terrible cramps that seemed to be getting worse.

For the last year or so I would have to take 3 advils continuously for the first 3 days of my cramps. If I timed it slightly wrong, the pain would get so bad that I would just be lying in bed unable to move. The only thing that helped was to sit under a shower or in a hot bath literallly ALL day and as soon as I got out –which I had to do because you overheat in a hot bath–the pain would start again.


I knew this was a sign of less than perfect health, but I had tried googling about cramps to no avail.

At one time I bought bucketloads of vitamins after I read an amazon review talking about how this certain vitamin had cured this girls cramps.

Nothing changed. My cramps were still getting worse.

When I went vegan…my cramps did not get better.

When I started drinking green smoothies daily after reading the fabulous works of Victoria Boutenko my cramps did NOT get better.


After I read the book 80/10/10 by Doug Graham, which is about fruitarianism, or High Carb Raw Veganism…

I increased my fruit intake by a LOT. I also stopped using oils…

A week before my period I went full on…

well almost

I ate only fruit for breakfast and lunch…and I had a cooked vegan meal for dinner…

The whole month I had been increasing my fruit intake, eating pretty ridiculous quantities of fruit.

I’m talking like ten bananas and two oranges for breakfast. 5 bananas and 6 plums for lunch.

That month I experienced…the lightest cramps I had ever felt.

And only for day 1…on days 2 and 3 nothing.

I just recently had the same experience.

Right before I went to Hawaii I was thinking OH NO, of all the time to have cramps…

I experienced almost NO CRAMPS for the second time in a row. It is a miracle.

I definitely think this is because of eating more fruits, more raw food, and less fat.

If you experience something every month without fail for 120 months in a row and then all of a sudden BAM something changes…and the only thing you have changed is your diet… well…it’s a pretty good guess your diet did it.

What I have learned from this is that

Veganism can definitely improve your health….but veganism alone is not sufficient.

It is a matter of eating crazy amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables…(necessarily vegan) and probably very little fat. If you eat a lot of cooked vegan food you might not see health results.

Supposedly no cramping and light periods are a very common side effect of a fruitarian or high carb raw vegan diet…I just never believe those kinds of claims myself.

It is so cool that I was able to fix a health problem myself. It is really exciting.

I highly recommend the book 80/10/10.

I am so curious to think what would happen if I could go all the way…do it completely. I feel like I would experience amazing results…If I got this from just a month to a week of transitional 80/10/10.

Has anyone else experienced any health benefits from eating a vegan diet or increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables? I am very interested in your experiences.

All Men Are Created Equal and Have the Rights to LIFE LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS…and that includes cows.

Well I am off to Hawaii tomorrow on my special pole dancing vacation.
I can’t imagine what it will be like. But I know it will be…..

So thrilling.

This is a combination of three of my great loves…pole dancing and the beach and vacation.Another one of my loves is the wonderful world of the animal kingdom.

On Mother’s Day, a lot of the posts from around facebook from the animal groups I follow got me thinking about animal mothers.

Animals have families. So simple and yet most people choose to ignore this fact.

Everything has been seeming so much clearer to me lately.

The dairy industry keeps mothers as slaves impregnating them until they are no longer fertile and then killing them. They take the male calves away within a day of birth and send them to horrifying veal farms.

It is like something out of a science fiction novel.

Every animal, human or cow, deserves rights—

I hold these truths to be self evident….

all animals are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights and among these are

the freedom to

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

All men are created equal.

Male, female, human or cow, black, white, or spotted.

What does this mean?

I wish I had paid attention in class…..

I’ll give it my best shot….

Well, it does not mean humans and cows are equal in every way (obviously) …

but their moral worth, their right to live their own life, freely, is equal to every one on this planet.

No one is more “worthy” of living than anyone else. How do I know this?

Well I read a great reason in a book once. (David Burns’ Feeling Good where he was arguing that should you feel “worthless” you are so wrong because it is impossible to be worthless.)


Because the concept of “worthiness” is a meaningless to begin with. It doesn’t exist. It is just an abstract concept that is so generalized it has no concrete practical meaning.

How could it possibly be measured and whose standards would we use to measure it by?

It is impossible to come up with a meaningful measure of worth. It’s not a real thing.

There is no way of measuring the intrinsic worth of a life.

Therefore, if you must concern yourself with matters of worthiness, why not assign 1 unit of “worth” to everyone on the planet.

Everyone is worthy of their own lives.

Despite their infinitely numerous variations, “All Men Are Created Equal”

That includes the “men” in other species….and of course I take men by it’s archaic meaning of people in general, male and female and other.

It is wrong for us to enslave others. Even cows.

Clearly wrong for us to enslave and murder others–even more wrong.

Well, let me end my philosophic musings, by saying have a wonderful day.

I will let you all know how it goes in HAWAIIII.

PLease let me know if you have any thoughts on the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as it relates to animals or humans.

And whether you agree of disagree that a cow, for example, has the same moral worth, the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as a human does.

Also have any of you read Feeling Good by David Burns, my favorite book?


Hawaii Vacations, Vegan Sandals on Pinterest and Speaking Up for Animals in the Comments on the INTERNET

Hello Everyone,

How are you doing?

I attended Vegan Drinks in NYC the other day. Were any of you there? If anyone who reads this blog lives in NYC, I would love to meet up some time at vegan drinks and meet you. I believe I may be away for this next one because I am going to HAWAII. I am so excited.

This was a really long winter in NYC and all winter long I dreamed, craved, going to the beach. I had dreams of going with my vegan boyfriend and going on holiday, but unfortunately we broke up.

Well, I am going to the beach anyway. On a No Boys Allowed women’s retreat–a pole dancing beach retreat nonetheless!! HA. As you may know if you read my 5 Random facts About Me blog post one time, one of my favorite things is pole dancing. It is so beautiful and athletic and I could go on for days about it. Well I am so excited for the retreat.

I have been updating my pinterest board with vegan shoes quite regularly. There are a few cool vegan sandal options on there inspired by HAVAII.

Today I was reading one of my fave things online ROOKIE magazine (a magazine for teen girls) when I saw someone asking a question about vegan shoes. Though I normally do not get involved in self promotion, I decided to tell this fellow vegan shoe lover about my pinterest board in the comments.
While I was there I noticed another commenter being like “vegan shoes are highly toxic and bad for the environment. So is fake fur. People think animals are treated badly and killed in horrible ways on fur farms but that is just not true. Furs are worth less if the animals aren’t kept in good condition…so it’s worth it to the fur farms to treat their animals well.”
I felt I had to comment! I almost didn’t cause I was thinking how can I possibly express how wrong this person is. They prob won’t even accept my comment.” Well, I decided I had to give it a go anyway. One can make a difference.
I calmy wrote that what she said was not true. Most animals are anally electrocuted and go crazy in the cages and chew off eachother’s limbs and what not. I told her to watch The Witness— a great documentary I saw online (wrote about it here) about a man whose love for his cat caused him to see the connection between cats and animal and try to make a difference by educating people about what goes on at fur farms by driving around in a van with footage from fur farms playing out the back, forcing people to witness the truth.
I also told her to watch earthlings.
Anyway, YAY for me. I spoke up for animals. I hope some teen girls read that and it gets to them.
If you want to learn more about animal rights my humble recommendations are …check out 269 life and follow Anita Krajnc, both on facebook!
Do you ever respond to people who try to knock veganism, or vegan shoes, or animal rights? Or do you prefer not to get involved and let their ignorance reveal itself. I always feel releived when people respond to those haters in the comments, but I know it is a rough role as they are attacked themselves. What do you do?
Feel free to comment any time and let me know if you ever attend vegan drinks!


New Vegan Shoes and a Tumblr that will Open Your Eyes through Art

I added some more vegan shoes on pinterest today.

vegan go go boots

white converse high tops.

vegan birkenstocks because I have really been reminiscing about my old pair. They were so comfortable, and incredibly real birkenstocks for all their hippie-ness, are not at all vegan.

These little babies. Converse! Pretty cool right?
Some nice classic “thongs”.
Anyway check em out on my vegan shoes pinterest board!
After you have done that, turn your mind to more troubling matters.

Check out this blog by an unknown tumblrist: I Have Seen Another World.

Through pictures and dreamy captions….it tells a story of a war.

All of a sudden you see it as a war…that’s going on right now…and has been going on for thousands of years…against our fellow earthlings.
It’s incredible. This blog really opened my eyes. Wish I knew who created it. I recognized many of the photos on it as Jo-Anne McArthur’s.
Check it out, and check out the Holocaust Comparison Project by David Sztybel if you didn’t already. It is very ….interesting.

Down the Rabbit Hole into the World of Animal Rights

A few things:

1. I updated my vegan shoe pinterest with some cool vegan shoes such as these:

There are some excellent shoes on there, so check it out if you so desire to clothe your feet in man-made materials. Vegan Shoes 4 Lyfe.
2. Following Anita Krajnc, head of Toronto Pig Save, on facebook is very educational. I feel as if I have gone down the rabbit hole, so to speak.
If you want to learn more about animal rights stuff, just subscribe to her posts and then check out the pages of groups she shares and whatnot.
I don’t even know where to begin.
I now feel certain that animal rights will be the next great battle our society wages for freedom and justice and all that.
Everywhere I see more and more people mentioning veganism. This movement is growing!
Along time ago when I started with vegetarianism, I always used to think to myself “what difference am I making. So I’m not ordering meat at a restaurant…big deal. 1 billion other people are.” Still I stuck to it because it felt like the right thing to do, not really knowing why, besides I loved animals and my dogs.
After all this time I feel I finally understand my true motivation for being a vegetarian and now vegan.
For one thing, it DOES make a difference. Little by little, person by person, vegans infiltrated mainstream media and awareness.
And for a second thing, ( a thing I have become so much more aware of lately thanks to my interviews with animal rights heroes) vegans are, as one blogger put it so well, Conscientious Objectors to Cruelty.
Check out this blog post from the great blog Once Upon a Vegan. She shares the story of a man who privately financed the transport of 669 Jewish children to England…because they were going to the death camps. He saved their lives, but no one, even in his family, ever knew about it until 50 years later he wife found a log in his attic listing all the names of the children he saved. She contacted them and there is a video clip on the blog post showing him meeting some of the children he saved years later…
I could watch it a hundred times. It’s amazing.
She links to this article which tells the whole story of Nicholas Winton. One of the most touching things I’ve ever read. At the end of the article it says he wears a ring given to him by one of the children he saved which said

“save one life, save the world”.

(nicholas winton with one of the children he saved)
a book about him was written by one of the children he saved.
This guy never asked to be recognized, he just quietly did a beautiful thing. I imagine he felt he could die happy after that meeting, knowing that he made a difference in the lives of so many grown men and women. You have to see the vid in the blog post–so good!
3. Speaking of the Holocaust, I saw this video Anita Krajnc posted on Facebook the other day–these two guys discussing why people become violently offended and write vegans off when they compare the exploitation of animals to the holocaust. They do a fantastic job of discussing it, and it’s really fun to watch.

The similarities to the things I saw in the slaughterhouse videos and in the trucks thanks to the youtube videos of Toronto Pig Save have really been haunting me with how similar they seem to the holocaust. Gas Chambers. Cattle Cars. Horrible experiments on animals. The dark barren barns chickens and pigs, for example, live in before being slaughtered.

The moment I decided not to look away and “bore witness” was the moment everything changed. Now I feel like I want to see more, to know what is really happening. Now all these extreme animal rights people’s tirades are really making sense!

When I learned about the holocaust in middle school I read a lot of books about it…in my typical, disturbed and depressed yet can’t look away fashion. I always remember thinking, how could this have happened only 50 years ago? It didn’t make sense. I looked around me and didn’t see evil people who were capable of doing anything like that. It seemed like a blip on the radar. And yet I imagined myself, being half Jewish, in that situation and tried to make it feel real.

Now I see that those behaviors are still in place but they are hidden from our view…in the slaughterhouses of the world. In the video I mentioned above, they talk about how evil is often just no one taking responsibility…like in a bureaucracy where normal people take orders but don’t want to take responsibility for what they are doing–that’s how evil happens. Exactly!

Clicking around, I found this Holocaust Comparison Project, a photo essay by David Sztybel, that the video is responding to. It makes fascinating and disturbing points. The same patterns of violence that existed in the Holocaust are very much alive and well.

At the end of the photo essay there is this post script:

Edgar Kupfer was a survivor of the Dachau death camp. After his liberation, he furtively scrawled the following message on the wall of a hospital barrack:


I understand the Holocaust is an extremely sensitive subject. But like they say in the video, by discussing the past, we can learn from the past.

Your thoughts? Do you feel that you know your motivations for being vegan or vegetarian on a deep level or do you sometimes question? What do you think about the Holocaust Comparison Project?

Night Thoughts

Hello everyone,

Just thought I’d post a brief update.

What an intense experience it was writing and putting together my last blog post, my interview with Anita Krajnc, founder of Toronto Pig Save.

Intense because… it is intense to witness these things. Death. Suffering. Cruelty. Injustice.

It is intense to even talk about these things. In fact, in rereading my interview I noticed that I skimmed over talking about the true horrors of what I saw. I did write a brief post about it on my other personal blog though, which can be found here.

I think it is amazing that Toronto Pig Save bears witness 3 times a week.

I think it is important too…because I think…you start to second guess yourself. You think, maybe I couldn’t have seen what I did. Pigs boiled alive… It was only after reading a comment on TPS’s facebook today where someone was talking about how many pigs are boiled alive did I feel like, OK! I wasn’t just seeing things!

It’s hard to believe the things you see. It’s like your mind almost wants to protect you from it, and tries to dull the memory so that you can’t “bear witness” as powerfully. The emotion fades. But at the same time, I’ll never forget what I saw. Yeah, I can’t recall the exact sound of the pigs screaming anymore but I know what I heard, and saw. It never totally leaves you I guess.

Did anyone watch any of Toronto Pig Save’s videos? If so, I’d love to hear your experience watching them, and thanks to everyone who liked and commented, that was so amazing to feel your support. It is wonderful to hear from people from far and wide.

Well, I feel I am kind of left with the question, what do I do? Anita invited us all to think about starting our own Pig or Cow Save groups,  and in the interview she suggested I do use my artistic bent to make some sort of art for animals.

I would love to do something kind of like what Jo-Anne McArthur does. But how? But what? I will be brainstorming on this question…

One thing I read today got me thinking about…

All those people out there who still think we need meat to be healthy…

Also all those people who skim over the elephant in the room when talking about vegetarianism or veganism (sure it’s healthy, and good for the environment, but what about the murders taking place)…

What a challenging issue this is. Definitely something that will be in the history books. This is a movement. I love how Anita is leading it on one front from Toronto, Non-Violent Style–inspired by Gahndi and Tolstoy…

Something I hate:

I hate how people don’t like vegans. I hate how people don’t understand that vegans are self righteous for a reason.

Murdering innocent animals…so crystal clear in my mind. And yet….so …everywhere!

My main question I think after the interview was


Why don’t people get it?

Here are my ideas why people don’t understand why animal rights matters:

1. They may not have a very large capacity for empathy

2. They are numbed to feeling empathy for animals from all the conditioning from food companies (“you need meat to be healthy”), scientists debating whether or not animals are conscious, hunters numbed to violence at a young age, parents creating a “bystander effect” by eating meat like there is nothing wrong with it, advertizing proclaiming humane, local, sustainable meat from old fashioned farms with happy pigs and cows (ha!) and just generally all the messages we receive in our society that animals are ours for the eating and using.

3. people do feel empathy for animals but are addicted to the taste of meat and dairy and feel they can’t change (I definitely have felt this way and know how hard this can be)

4. They feel threatened by vegans moral stance which deep down makes sense to them, and feel judged and that creates a backlash like “but it tastes so good!”

5. They have never seen a farm animal before in their life, let alone gotten to know one, and so they never think about animals and can easily assume animals are dumb and don’t suffer like we do

Other ideas?

a puppy in the womb

I am experimenting with the 80/10/10 Diet by Dr Doug Graham, which is a book about High Carb Raw Veganism, also known as Low Fat Raw Veganism, or Fruitarianism or eating all fruits and vegetables. I have been eating so much fruit.

Hope you are all doing well, and Happy Tax Day and Happy Monday!

An Interview with Anita Krajnc: 10 Questions For the Founder of Toronto Pig Save

Hello Everyone, I have something very cool to share with you today. It is an interview with the founder of Toronto Pig Save, Anita Krajnc. (Anita Krajnc, left) For those of you who don’t know what Toronto Pig Save is, … Continue reading